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Yagua Tribe, Peru
Deep in the jungles of Peru lives a tribe of only 6,000 members. The Yagua people are known for their blowpipe skills, which are used to hunt monkeys, pacas, sloths, birds, and other small animals. Interestingly, although the Yagua people have become influenced by western clothes, they still retained their traditional garments. Traditional outfits include men wearing skirts from Mauritia palm fiber and women wearing skirts made of red cotton.
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Before making contact with the Western world in 1934, little was known about the Chimbu tribe. Besides living 7,800 feet above sea level in a remote mountainous New Guinea province, the Chimbu tribe is recognized for their skeleton-like body paint. Both the dance and frightening paint jobs were originally intended to intimidate enemies. Today, these distinguishing aspects are combined for an event called “Sing Sing”, where nearby clans gather to celebrate rituals and traditions.
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Dani Tribe, Indonesia
Deep in the highlands of Western New Guinea, Indonesia, lives one of the world’s most isolated tribes, the Dani people. This tribe is known for their simple body covering, a Koteka, which is a sheath covering their bottom half. Another unique feature is the women’s tendency to cut off the end of their own fingers to overcome the loss of a relative.
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